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Personal Style: Jane Aldridge

Even though she's only 24, Jane is a member of the old guard of bloggers. She started her blog, Sea of Shoes, about 10 years ago in 2007. Jane is one of my biggest inspirations for a few reasons: 1) She is a genius when it comes to personal style (a type of talent and self-awareness that can't be acquired via hashtags or more followers); 2) She acknowledges trends only when they inspire her to create something entirely her own; 3) While many of her clothes and accessories are expensive, the way she has fun with vintage/flea market pieces and the way she changes her look completely one day to the next shows an open-mindedness that is sometimes lost in the upscale, elite fashion world; 4) She blogs for all the right reasons. It's hard for me to describe exactly what "the right reasons' are.. but in the end you can tell she does it for herself. As Selena Gomez said last night at the AMAs.. she isn't seeking validation. She's showcasing a love that speaks to her deep down.

It's also fun to look at her oldest posts such as this one and this one. Like many famous bloggers' first posts, it shows that the picture perfect brand you see today is something that was developed over time. While some starts are more "viral" than others, perhaps instant stardom/perfection doesn't usually happen to the best of them.

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