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Personal Style: Tracee Ellis Ross

I knew there was a reason why I liked Tracee right off the bat when I watched a couple episodes of Black-ish a few years back. I didn't realize she had a killer aesthetic, though, until I recently came across this Man Repeller ode to her style. I also didn't realize Diana Ross is her mother (!). I know, I live under a rock.

Most of the photos below are from her personal IG account, and she makes sure to credit the stylist if she uses one or herself if she didn't. With celebrities it's always hard to tell what % of their overall aesthetic is attributed to their own personal style vs. a professional stylist's (e.g. my Rihanna style feature below), but I am willing to bet that Tracee is an aesthete to be reckoned with. Not everyone would be down to wear some of those looks above.

I love Tracee's style in particular because its fun, classy, refined, bold, and strong all at once. She puts things together that you wouldn't think would go, but it's also not over-the-top busy and gaudy. She'll rock a t-shirt, wide leg pants, and super high stilettos while laughing at herself the whole time. My kinda gal.

p.s. she'll post throwbacks of her mom on IG from time to time and it's truly adorable. Mother-daughter goals.




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